A geek's journal about a sillicon valley adventure


Demo thru my eyes

I know blurbs are supposed to give you a general feel of how an article is meant to pan out but I’m making an exception for this one. I’m a little sore now (not the physical kind). I feel cheated out of my snow experience. I spend the Xmas-New Year stretch on the east coast to get my dose for white fluffiness, but it was as if someone up there saw me on the map, drew a line right where I am and decided that everywhere *north* of where I was would be slammed.

Similarly, San Francisco saw its first snow for the first time in 30 years and it just simply had to do it on the very weekend I was down in LA.





Another Christmas is coming. Seems like it was only last week when I took down last year’s Christmas tree. In all honesty tho that might be an actual truth in my case. The darn tree seems to take longer and longer to come down as the years go by. When I started out, the tree would come down right after the New Years celebrations are done and the world in general wasn’t spinning like a vortex. Then, it slowly progressed to “I’ll take it down before Valentines”. I believe I took mine down a little after April’s fool last year. Give it time and the thing will likely be up all year long.

Since another year has so fleetingly came and went, I figured it was a good time to pause for a moment and take stock of all that’s happened, give thanks for all that went well and generally swear at those that haven’t. Oh that and also the fact that I’m stuck at SJC and my flight out to the east coast is late.


Vishal and what he made (Mobclix)

Someone once said that a conversation with a wise man is worth ten years of study. Now it could have been Confucius or just some cheesy kung fu movie I was saddled with over a slow weekend but it kinda stuck. Fortunately, what I do in the place I’m doing it now puts me in reachable distance to a number of people who have had very good successes over the years with the various startups and projects they were doing -certainly within proximity to qualify for a restraining order if I get too sneaky- so last Friday, I had the fortune of meeting Vishal of Mobclix at a Starbucks in Palo Alto (where they *still* haven’t fixed their darn Wifi).


October for me

I’m back at the valley after a month’s worth of traveling. The final count of stops tallied at San Francisco -> Taipei -> Kuala Lumpur -> Bangkok -> Kuala Lumpur -> Hong Kong -> San Francisco. There were far too many things that happened along the way for me to cover in a single post (or rather I’m still lagged and want to finish this quickly before a bunch of gibberish appears in the post – the result of my forehead crashing into the keyboard after I pass out) so I’m going to pick up some summary spots and talk about those instead.


Welcome me to the world of modern mobility !

I’m lost. I whip out my phone for directions or possibly some kind of location of where in the GALAXY I am. No can do. The old geezer doesn’t have a built-in GPS. I try to call someone for help and the phone decides to restart for no apparent reason. Even worse, it decides to placate me after spontaneously dying by telling me that “The phone was restarted for performance purposes” (I’m not kidding). After several tries, the call goes thru. I talked for 11 minutes to get some semblance of direction. After I hang up I notice that the battery has gone from a full charge to 33% remaining. Something in the GALAXY has sucked out the juice from my batteries apparently….


On the other side of the globe

Ok I’m safely on the other side of the globe. Just a heads up: its 2pm in the afternoon now and the lag is hitting me hard so I might taper off in the middle of writing this post. I actually fell asleep on the couch with one leg still in my jeans last night (come to think of it I either fell asleep or someone mugged me and was conscientious enough to not take anything and leave me in a reasonably comfortable position).