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Civic Commons

A few weeks ago, I attended Code for America’s (www.codeforamerica.org) open house in their swanky new office someplace in downtown San Fransisco. Because of the natural synergy that CfA and Joget has, I’ve been very excited about what we could both achieve together from the get go. From a personal standpoint, I was enormously glad that they had the cool new pad that they do now. Might have just been me but it seemed like they would have to amend employee benefits to include either “large baseball bat” or “ferocious Rottweiler” if they haven’t moved.

In any case it was a really fun party. There were a number of “celebrities” there coupled with a generous amount of booze. Had a blast with general networking and even managed to snag Tim O’Reilly for a quick exchange. As a matter of fact, the only time I realized that I’ve had too much to drink was when I was midway thru my conversation with Tim, and I finally noticed that he was tremendously bulky, of african descent and didn’t speak english all that well.

Oh well, at least I made a new friend in Nokolulu Attwell.