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Another Christmas is coming. Seems like it was only last week when I took down last year’s Christmas tree. In all honesty tho that might be an actual truth in my case. The darn tree seems to take longer and longer to come down as the years go by. When I started out, the tree would come down right after the New Years celebrations are done and the world in general wasn’t spinning like a vortex. Then, it slowly progressed to “I’ll take it down before Valentines”. I believe I took mine down a little after April’s fool last year. Give it time and the thing will likely be up all year long.

Since another year has so fleetingly came and went, I figured it was a good time to pause for a moment and take stock of all that’s happened, give thanks for all that went well and generally swear at those that haven’t. Oh that and also the fact that I’m stuck at SJC and my flight out to the east coast is late.