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Welcome me to the world of modern mobility !

I’m lost. I whip out my phone for directions or possibly some kind of location of where in the GALAXY I am. No can do. The old geezer doesn’t have a built-in GPS. I try to call someone for help and the phone decides to restart for no apparent reason. Even worse, it decides to placate me after spontaneously dying by telling me that “The phone was restarted for performance purposes” (I’m not kidding). After several tries, the call goes thru. I talked for 11 minutes to get some semblance of direction. After I hang up I notice that the battery has gone from a full charge to 33% remaining. Something in the GALAXY has sucked out the juice from my batteries apparently….

I’m not exaggerating in the least bit. I know my brand of descriptive expression doesn’t always lend itself very naturally to great credence but in this case, the scene above is a painful reality. To be fair, my trusty SE P990 has been a faithful companion for almost half a decade now and as with most things in technological GALAXY, the world passes you by fairly quickly. To that end (if I sound like I’m trying to justify spending a wad of cash on a toy…I am), its time to bury the memory and pay homage to my new mistress.

In any case, when it comes down to a new investment in the smart phone GALAXY, there really is only 2 viable options to me: iPhone or Android (and if anyone even mentions a certain fruit to me, I swear I’ll draw whiskers on your avatar). Oh by the by, if you *still* haven’t figured out what I bought, get the person next to you to smack you over the head right now and read the following:

A long time ago in a far away GALAXY !!!….

Anyways, I know a bunch of you Apple fanbois out there are mobbing me with the incredulous “why” so these are the reasons why I felt the Android rocked more:

1. I’m not an Apple fanboi. Sure they do a bunch of pretty cool stuff. Sure some of their products are nice to look at but simply having the picture of a half eaten fruit doesn’t swing it for me the way it does some of you. (Like someone once said: You can stamp an Apple logo on a pair of used underwear and their fanbois will still think its the best thing since sliced bread).

2. I just like Open Sourced guys more. It doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that its what I do as well (ok maybe it has a *little* bit to do with the fact that its what I do as well) but I like to know what goes on under the hood from time to time. If they screw up, its nice to know I can fix that crap myself. I’m not saying I will, but its certainly nice to have that option.

3. Yes I know the user experience is smoother on the iPhone. While that’s certainly true when you’re referring to some of the first gen Android phones, the same can’t be said of the new Froyo. Honestly, the Galaxy feels every bit as polished as the iPhone and I don’t have to avoid holding my damn phone a certain way.

4. Over the air syncing is a winner.

5. Being able to hack a server with a telnet client on my phone 30 minutes into buying it is just cool.

So there you have it. Nick if you’ve put my blog on your read list like you said you have, start sending me crap to mess around with. At the very least, you know I’ll be a far more interested participant in your next Android meetup event.

Before I sign off, a moment of silence please….

Rest in peace

Ok….now what should I build ?


2 responses

  1. Nick

    Dolphin HD Broswer
    ATK (Android Task Killer – you need some automated task killer to save batt)
    LauncherPro (doesn’t require custom ROM build but changes look/feel)
    Astro File Broswer
    Barcode Scanner
    I’d root if I was you Mr. Terminal. Check the blogs.

    Paper toss
    Angry Birds

    October 11, 2010 at 10:41 am

    • Nick

      And I love the amoled screen and the weight. And she’s fast.

      Samsung definitely did good with the galaxy. Some of the smoothness in the OS is due to their wrapper. You probably wouldn’t have a problem Mr. PowerUser, but I think there’s a learning curve for normal folks (like my mom who is having a little trouble with her Droid X).

      October 11, 2010 at 10:55 am

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