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October for me

I’m back at the valley after a month’s worth of traveling. The final count of stops tallied at San Francisco -> Taipei -> Kuala Lumpur -> Bangkok -> Kuala Lumpur -> Hong Kong -> San Francisco. There were far too many things that happened along the way for me to cover in a single post (or rather I’m still lagged and want to finish this quickly before a bunch of gibberish appears in the post – the result of my forehead crashing into the keyboard after I pass out) so I’m going to pick up some summary spots and talk about those instead.



What it means to be “Open”

I don’t really like soap operas on telly. Having grown up where everyone else seems to be hooked up on one asian soap opera series or another, you tend to quickly notice repeating patterns in the story lines. If you watch closely enough, the very first episode will tell you who the bad guy is, who the long suffering good guy is, who the couple who starts out hating each others guts but ends up together are and that poor bastard who’s going to get amnesia. Apparently soap operas on the western side of the globe has a lot more sleeping around with the same people also.

There is a soap opera being played out in the Valley at the moment tho (there isn’t as much sleeping around in this one…at least I sincerely hope not considering the actors involved). It started when Steve Jobs ranted this, then the second episode saw Andy Rubin do this, and then everyone decided to let loose. Amidst the artilleries that have been firing back and forth, what really struck me most about the entire saga is the many misconceptions that’s been floated in reference to what open source constitutes.


Welcome me to the world of modern mobility !

I’m lost. I whip out my phone for directions or possibly some kind of location of where in the GALAXY I am. No can do. The old geezer doesn’t have a built-in GPS. I try to call someone for help and the phone decides to restart for no apparent reason. Even worse, it decides to placate me after spontaneously dying by telling me that “The phone was restarted for performance purposes” (I’m not kidding). After several tries, the call goes thru. I talked for 11 minutes to get some semblance of direction. After I hang up I notice that the battery has gone from a full charge to 33% remaining. Something in the GALAXY has sucked out the juice from my batteries apparently….


On the other side of the globe

Ok I’m safely on the other side of the globe. Just a heads up: its 2pm in the afternoon now and the lag is hitting me hard so I might taper off in the middle of writing this post. I actually fell asleep on the couch with one leg still in my jeans last night (come to think of it I either fell asleep or someone mugged me and was conscientious enough to not take anything and leave me in a reasonably comfortable position).