A geek's journal about a sillicon valley adventure

I watched Man Utd vs Real Madrid *live*

5th September, 2010. Caladanzas Park. A beautiful Californian summer morning and I watched Man Utd play Real Madrid *live*. Honest to goodness. Well or rather I watched 2 teams wearing Man Utd and Real Madrid jerseys play each other at a Winchester Soccer League game 😛 (hey come on, we’re still in startup mode and I’m not about to blow a wad of cash watching 2 overpaid teams that I don’t even support play).

It really was a beautiful morning tho. I was driving around looking for some breakfast and went past Calabazas Park in San Jose, CA. Sunny morning, not a cloud in the sky, nice cool breeze in the shade and live football (I refuse to call it Soccer btw) to be had ? Breakfast quickly became Mcdonalds take out and I had a blast of a morning.

Highlight of the event tho was this little girl who was about 4 or 5 at the very most. She was bright as a button and cute (also as a button apparently. English idioms aren’t terribly creative) and spent most of her morning divvying up her time between giving her mom high blood pressure and kicking a football around. In any case, there were points in time when she was watching the game unfold and along came an opportunity when the striker on her team was put clean thru only for him to sky the shot. The collective groans of the supporters were suddenly punctuated by a very shrill “P***” !!! (I don’t want to print expletives on my blog but a few hints: It’s Spanish, it starts with a P and it rhymes with “Suta”).

Beautiful morning, not a cloud in the sky, nice cool breeze in the shade, live football and a watching it with a verbose and passionate 4 year old ? Gawd I love California…


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