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This one is KEWL!

I geeked out a little bit over the weekend. Saw John Britton’s demo with Twilio ages ago and always wanted to play around; and finally got around to it. Ironically the Plugins I built took me about an hour or so – to write and test – while the darn video took me a few days πŸ˜› Its still a little pixellated in areas so watch it in HD. All you telly junkies out there should be thankful I chose the life of a software geek and not an AV dude. If it had been the latter, House would look like Spongebob Squarepants.

In any case, I just felt that some things are worth the effort and should be done…especially when they’re beyond cool πŸ™‚

PS: Should have added this on the first go so my mailbox didn’t die from the question about links. Check out Joget and Twilio.


I watched Man Utd vs Real Madrid *live*

5th September, 2010. Caladanzas Park. A beautiful Californian summer morning and I watched Man Utd play Real Madrid *live*. Honest to goodness. Well or rather I watched 2 teams wearing Man Utd and Real Madrid jerseys play each other at a Winchester Soccer League game πŸ˜› (hey come on, we’re still in startup mode and I’m not about to blow a wad of cash watching 2 overpaid teams that I don’t even support play).