A geek's journal about a sillicon valley adventure

Carrot top

Its been a while. Everything’s been a whirlwind since I started from VC pitching to technology community engagements. The vibrancy and the general sophistication of the technical population here at the valley is quite superb. I’ve received great feedbacks, responses that ranged from caffeine-overdosed-excitement to i-don’t-give-a-rat’s-a** and just a general sense of appreciation for technology there was quite overwhelming. So in view of all that, I’d like to talk about….


I look like a carrot now. I really do (and the reason I know this was because a herd of rabid bunnies were chasing me all along the Lawrence Expressway to work this morning) and I blame it on Supercuts. Had a first visit to them a few weekends ago. Sat in the chair, the pleasant looking Asian girl (Vietnamese as it later turned out) wrapped that apron thing around me and then asked:

“Yuuu whant wan, too, thwee, foo, five or seex ?”

Now considering its my first time at Supercuts, my response was to stare at her blankly like I escaped from a mental institution in the next town.

Me: Ummm and what does that mean ?
Her: Well wan, too, thwee is less, foo, five, seex is moar !

Well thanks for the math lesson. I’d never would have figured that one out. In any case, -her enlightening response not withstanding- I decided that a middle of the road decision would be safest. So I went for “foo”. She nods, grabs her shears and sweeps across my head like a runaway lawnmower. For a fleeting instance I felt like a sheep and thought it might be appropriate to get on all fours and go “Baaaa…..”.

So I look like a carrot…..and I blame Supercuts.


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