A geek's journal about a sillicon valley adventure

Ctrl + Alt + Delete

OK most of you coming back here after my long absence is probably freaking out right now. The site’s been wiped, everything looks different, your barbed wired comments are all gone but before you write that mail to wordpress reporting a possible identity theft, just hang on for a bit. Its still me, I’m still goofy, and I can even proove it….

Someone brought a dog to the office today, it got loose, came hiding under my desk and I *honestly* thought someone sent me a fur rug (most of you ask why but that’s a question that requires a thesis so lets not go there). Well lets just say the pooch didn’t appreciate me stubbing my Crocs under her and I lost a few years of my life when my “rug” jumped up snarling at me.

….See ?

Its just that a brand new and very exciting chapter of my life has just unfolded and as with all beginnings, I felt it best to make it a  fresh one. For those of you who still want to read about chicken stories and idiot tech support experiences, I’ll put up the contents of the previous blog elsewhere. For the rest of you, I hope this journal will be a faithful (albeit a tad artistically exaggerated) recount of what my journeys are and where I hope it will take me.

In the meantime…



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