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Pitching to VCs

Ok don’t quote me on this. I’ve been doing this for a remarkably short time so I won’t go near the terms “experienced” or “seasoned”. A whole bunch of you who are about to embark on your entrepreneurial adventures have been hitting me up and asking what the VC scene is like in the Valley and how best to approach it tho so I’m going to pen my thoughts. If any lawsuits come my way connecting this article to any failure to secure funding, I’m responding with the standard “Me no speeka eengleesh”.



Carrot top

Its been a while. Everything’s been a whirlwind since I started from VC pitching to technology community engagements. The vibrancy and the general sophistication of the technical population here at the valley is quite superb. I’ve received great feedbacks, responses that ranged from caffeine-overdosed-excitement to i-don’t-give-a-rat’s-a** and just a general sense of appreciation for technology there was quite overwhelming. So in view of all that, I’d like to talk about….



Ctrl + Alt + Delete

OK most of you coming back here after my long absence is probably freaking out right now. The site’s been wiped, everything looks different, your barbed wired comments are all gone but before you write that mail to wordpress reporting a possible identity theft, just hang on for a bit. Its still me, I’m still goofy, and I can even proove it….